Online Banking 

Horizon Bank Online Banking gives you all the benefits of visiting a Horizon Bank from the convenience of your computer! With Horizon Bank Online Banking, you can perform a number of traditional banking services:

  • Easily find your most commonly used transactions for all of your accounts, all on the home page
  • Verify your Deposits, Withdrawals, Transactions and Other Payments - See your Current and Previous Account Statements
  • View Images of your Paid Checks
  • Transfer Funds between Accounts1
  • Export your Financial History to finance software like Quicken(R)

1Horizon even allows you to transfer funds to accounts at other financial institutions

Online Banking - Frequently Asked Questions

I recently enrolled and have selected my login ID and password. How do I know when I can start using online banking?

Once your enrollment has been processed, you will receive a welcome email indicating that you are now ready to begin using the service.

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I have recently enrolled but have forgotten the password I chose at enrollment.

Simply enter the login ID you chose at the time of enrollment, then click 'Forgot Password.'  You will be prompted to receive a new access code.  Once received and entered, you can then choose a new password.

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When I logged in for the first time I was asked if I want to register the computer. Is this something I should do?

Registering the computer means that it will 'remember' you for future sessions and therefore not require the use of a security access code each time you log in.  Registering the computer is only recommended for computers you control (such as your home computer).   It is not recommended when using a public computer.

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I have logged in several times and each time I am prompted to obtain a secure access code, even though I registered the computer. How can I keep this from happening?

This typically occurs if your browser is set to remove all 'cookies'.  The system recognizes you by your browser's specific cookie, and if this is absent, the system assumes you are a first-time user.  Generally, some minor changes to your browser settings will correct this issue.  Please refer to our Optimal Browser Setting Guides.

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I am trying to get a secure access code and have requested that it be sent to my email. However, I have waited several minutes and it hasn't arrived yet.

When you choose to receive your access code through email, check you spam or junk folders as sometimes it might be in there. The best option for receiving the code is to request to receive it via text or phone.  

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How can I view my checks or deposits in online banking?

The magnifying glass icon next to some transactions indicates there is an image for that transaction.  Just click on the magnifying glass icon and the image will display.

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How can I change the names that appear for each account?

You can change the display name for any account by going to the Settings>Account Preferences and enter a 'nickname' for any of your accounts.  Your chosen name will then appear instead of the default name or account number.

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How do I see what transactions that I have done online?

If you select transactions>activity center you will see all individual transactions.  Click on recurring to see transactions that are currently setup as a recurring transaction. For earlier or cancelled transactions, click on show basic and change the type or date.

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I don't see one of my accounts when I log into online banking. How do I add it?

To add an account of which you are an owner, please send a Secure Message indicating which account you wish to add.

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For some reason, my account history appears to be displaying with the oldest transactions on the top, instead of the newest. How to I correct it so that the top is the most recent transactions?

It appears that you may have inadvertantly sorted your history from oldest to newest.   This can happen by clicking a heading in online banking.  If you want the page to revert back to original, simply click 'overview' and then open your history again.  This will restore the default view of newest to oldest transactions.

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I thought I completed a transaction but it is showing as 'Drafted'. How can I complete this?

Go to Online Activity, where you will see options of Approve, Draft, Cancel at top of page.  Choose 'Approve' to complete the transaction.  In addition, you can always check the status of any transaction created online by going to Online Activity.  To view all transactions, simply click drop-down box next to Transaction Status and change to 'All' and hit 'Submit' button.

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How do I add principal when making my regular, monthly loan payment?

Simply add the extra principal amount to the 'Total Transfer' field.  Any amount over the normal principal/interest payment amoutn will automatically be posted to principal.  For example, if your normal payment of principal/interest is $200 and you wish to add $100 more to principal, enter $300 in the 'Total Transfer' field.  

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How do I make a principal only payment for my loan?

If you wish to make a payment to principal outside of your normal payment cycle, enter the amount of principal to both the 'Total Transfer' and 'Extra Principal' fields.  These amounts must match in order to be processed.

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