Business Cash Management

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  Receive Payments Easily

Business Need

Horizon's Solution

Accept payments or donations directly from customers' accounts

Online Payment Portal

Convert paper checks into safer, electronic transactions

Electronic Check Service

Increase payment options by accepting credit and debit cards

Merchant Processing

Deposit checks directly from your recurring or one-time payments

Remote Deposit Capture

Electronically debit accounts for recurring or one-time payments

ACH Collections

Track and collect large volumes of payments received via the mail

LockBox Services

Receive International payments 

Wire Transfer Service


  Disburse Payments Effectively


Business Need

Horizon's Solution

Get alerted when suspicious activity occurs

Positive Pay

Review all incoming and paid check activity

Reverse Positive Pay

Automatically transfer and manage funds to cover expenses

Credit Sweep

Concentrate your funds into a single account

Zero Balance Account

Automatically invest excess, idle funds to interest-earning accounts

Investment Sweep

Protection from attacks designed to steal account information when banking online

Detect Safe Browsing




  Manage Money Safely


Business Need

Horizon's Solution

Eliminate paper checks to employees

Direct Deposit

Make purchases directly from your account

Debit Card

Earn reward points while managing employee spending

Credit Card

Manage large volumes of employee expenses

One Purchasing Card

Make payments electronically like payroll or taxes

ACH Payments