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Make the Most of Your Time with Contactless Cards


Debit card purchases are increasingly popular. Over 40% of Americans say they never use cash, and 85% use debit and credit cards for some or all of their daily purchases! Americans want better control of their finances, and using money from one or two accounts helps them understand their spending, earnings and budget. Fortunately, as debit card usage increases, so do technologies that improve them. These advances include contactless cards.

Contactless cards use RFI technology to send your card information to point-of-sale terminals. These cards are easy. Look for the contactless logo on sales terminals, then tap and go! Besides convenience, why else should you use a contactless card? Check out these four ways contactless cards make your life easier.

4 Ways Contactless Cards Make Your Life Easier

Shorten Your Time in Line

Contactless cards are convenient and quick to use. You simply hold your card above the point-of-sale terminal and pay. These cards are significantly faster than traditional swipe or insert methods. With built-in chip security, you can breeze through the coffee shop line before heading to work or speed up checkout while getting groceries for the family.

Make Important Payments with Your Phone

If you frequently lose your cards, consider adding your contactless card to your phone’s wallet! Pay with your phone by holding it near the payment terminal like you would with the card. This great solution decreases the risk of you losing your card. However, if your card is lost or stolen, feel confident that EnFact fraud monitoring at Horizon will quickly detect and prevent fraud.

Use Contactless Cards for Security at Gas Stations

Gas station pumps are a haven for debit card skimmers, which experts estimate cost consumers $1 billion yearly. Fraudsters put a card skimmer over the gas pump’s reader to take your card information. Fortunately, contactless cards never enter a card reader, making them resistant to skimming!

Keep Yourself and Your Loved Ones Healthy

Contactless cards have existed for over a decade but became increasingly popular during the COVID-19 pandemic. Contactless cards decrease the risk of spreading or catching illnesses because no money or cards exchange hands.

Contactless cards still work with chip and strip readers, so rest assured that your card will work anywhere. If you don’t have a contactless debit card, head to your local Horizon branch for an instant issue card, and start tapping today!

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