Mobile Check Deposit

Horizon Bank Mobile Deposit allows you to deposit checks anywhere, anytime, using your mobile device and the Horizon Mobile App. No need to visit a branch or ATM just to make a deposit.1

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How do I deposit a check using my mobile phone?
Enable the use of Mobile DepositEndorsedCheck_v1
1. In the menu, click Services, Mobile Deposit Enrollment
2. Accept the Mobile Deposit Agreement

How to Deposit a Check
IMPORTANT:  Mobile Deposit endorsement requirements recently changed and will be mandatory as of July 1, 2018.  
Before logging into the Mobile app, sign the back of the check and write for Mobile Deposit Only Horizon Bank

  1. After logging in to the Mobile app, click MORE from the upper right corner.
  2. Click Deposit Check. The Deposit Check page appears, do the following:
  • In the To account list, tap the account that you want to deposit the check into.
  • (Optional) In the Enter the check number area, tap to enter the number of the check, and tap Set.
  • In the Enter the check amount area, tap to enter the amount of the check, and tap Set.
  • Tap Capture image. The Image Capture page appears. 
  • On the Image Capture page, use your device to take a picture of the front and back of the check, and tap Deposit. Guides on the screen help you align the check for the image.
  • Tap Close. The check appears in the Submitted tab in the Deposit Check History list.

Tip:  If the image of the check is blurry, you can tap Retake Front or Retake Back to take a new picture.

1Mobile Deposit Detail

  • We accept checks payable to you, drawn on a US bank.  Government checks or travelers checks are not accepted through mobile check deposit.
  • Personal Deposits:  $2,500/day, $25,000/month 
  • Business Deposits:  $5,000/day, $50,000/month
  • Deposits made by 6:00 p.m. (CST) on a business day are available the next business day.
  • Endorsement:  Under your signature, print "For mobile deposit only Horizon Bank"
  • Securely store your check for not more than 45 days. Make sure your deposit has been credited to your account and then destroy the check.