Fresh Start Checking

Horizon Bank Fresh Start Checking is perfect for you if you're looking to leave past checking account problems in the dust. A new start with Fresh Start checking means you have no minimum opening balance, a minimal monthly service fee, and unlimited check writing. It's everything you'll need to get back on track with checking. Visit a branch near you to apply.

  • No minimum balance requirements

  • $5 monthly service charge

  • $3 paper statement fee1

  • Free online bankingunlimited bill paymobile banking and estatement

  • Combined monthly statement on all your accounts

  • Unlimited check writing

  • Consumer loan discount with auto payment from checking2

1Paper statement fee is waived if enrolled in eStatements
2Includes most loan types; excludes loan specials. See advisor for details.


How do I setup eStatements?

Click to learn how to setup eStatements

1. In the Menu, click or tap Statements > eStatement Enrollment.

2. Choose the account you would like to change, select eStatement from the drop-down list.

3. The eStatement Delivery Agreement window appears. Review the agreement, and click I accept.

4. To change the email that receives an eStatement, click the edit icon ( ). The Select Recipient window appears. Do one of the following:
• Click the checkbox for one or more existing delivery addresses.
• Click in the address field and type a new delivery address. Click or tap Add

5. Click Save


Do I have to pay a Monthly Service Fee with a Fresh Start Checking Account?

Yes. A small $5 monthly fee is required with this account. This fee helps us ensure that you can get back on track with checking regardless of any past issues you may have had with checking accounts.

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Do I receive Interest with the Fresh Start Checking Account?

No. You do not receive interest with this account. This account is designed to keep things simple as you get back on track with checking.

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Will I receive a debit card?

Yes, the Fresh Start Checking account comes with a debit card, unlimited check writing, free online banking and bill pay and combined monthly statement of all your accounts.

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