A Spendthrift Trust has been created to help ensure that your wishes and desires as described in your will are maintained in the event that one of your beneficiaries has difficulty making appropriate financial decisions. Through our Spendthrift Trust, a Horizon Bank advisor can serve as an independent trustee with control over your trust assets, giving you peace of mind that distributions are made to your beneficiary at the right time for them, and not for potential creditors seeking to use your funds as payment for beneficiary debts.

  • Receive sensible advice about when beneficiaries with excessive debt, addictions or poor financial decision-making capabilities warrant a Spendthrift Trust
  • Alleviate the stress that comes with not knowing whether your assets will be misused
  • Ensure that your assets are managed with expertise and distributed appropriately

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When is it appropriate to consider a Spendthrift Trust compared to a more traditional trust?

Spendthrift trusts are designed to ensure that our Horizon Bank expert advisors will manage your trusts effectively should you believe that your beneficiaries would not be able to fulfill your wishes. Through this trust, you will be able to supplement the financial needs of your loved ones without relinquishing full control over all funds. This way, you can ensure that those you care about will get the support they need while ensuring the stability of your trust for the future.


How can I ensure my Spendthrift Trust assets are distributed wisely?

Your Horizon Bank trust advisor will work with you to determine restrictions regarding the distribution of trust funds. You will also be able to set up a requirement that certain beneficiaries must provide proof of external income before they are eligible to receive the distributions you have stipulated.


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