business ira

Create individual retirement accounts for your employees so they can meet their retirement goals.

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  • Start a SEP IRA to get your employees’ retirement plans moving
  • Start a SIMPLE IRA to work with your employees towards their retirement
  • Start a payroll deduction IRA to enable direct payments to IRAs from paychecks

401(k) plan

Help your employees save for retirement through direct payments to their savings made from their paychecks.

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  • Arrange automatic retirement savings payments from paychecks
  • Employees only pay taxes on future withdrawals from their 401(k)s
  • Enjoy allocation plans specifically tailored to each employee’s needs

pension plan

Ensure you and your employees’ retirement needs are being met with our traditional and effective retirement savings solution.

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  • Periodic and lump-sum distributions available
  • Enjoy multiple investment solutions to meet your goals
  • Make Horizon Bank a trustee and benefit from our sensible advice

profit sharing plan

Reward your employees’ hard work with additional retirement benefits.

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  • Employer contributions up to either 25% total compensation or annual dollar limit
  • Completely discretionary contributions
  • Flexible funding schedules

employee stock ownership plans 

Leverage the value of your business for the financial benefit of all or a group of employees.

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  • Enjoy phased or partial sales
  • Create a succession line as members sell
  • More flexibility for sellers of company stock

deferred compensation

The ultimate retirement plan for your business executives' unique financial goals.

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  • This non-qualified deferred compensation plan allows you to save more than you would with a traditional 401(k)
  • Have your company pay taxes directly to reward key members of your business
  • Eliminate taxation risks by allowing participants limited control over Investments

Investment vehicles made available through Horizon Trust & Investment Management are: Not deposits or other obligations of, or guaranteed by Horizon Bank; Not insured by the FDIC; Subject to investment risks, including possible loss of principal.