EnFact Debit Card Fraud Protection Alerts

EnFact Debit Card Detection - learn more about alerts

EnFact, our fraud monitoring system, is constantly working to detect suspicious activity on your debit card.  When suspicious activity is detected, EnFact will contact you to verify pending transactions. This quick detection of unusual activity provides you with an extra layer of security, so you can rest assured we’ve got you covered. It's important to respond to these notifications so that we can work together to keep your accounts secure.

EnFact FAQs

What numbers will EnFact call or text me from?

Text message alerts from 20733
Automated phone calls from 
Save these numbers to your contacts so you don't miss any alerts. Make sure Horizon Bank we have your current contact information so you can be reached if fraudulent activity is suspected.

Always let Horizon Bank know when you plan to travel. This helps to avoid potential blocks on your debit card. We recommend always carrying multiple forms of payment with you just in case.


How text alerts work?

If a charge on your account seems suspicious, our system sends a text message with details about the suspect transaction.  Simply respond YES to confirm the transaction, or NO to flag it. If it’s flagged as a fraudulent charge, you’ll receive another message for follow-up.  

What should I do if contacted?
  • Confirm or deny transactions.
  • If transactions are legitimate your card will be cleared and the transaction will be processed.
  • If transactions are fraud, you will be asked to contact your local branch to start the dispute process.
What security information or questions will I have to answer?
  • If you receive a phone call, you will have to provide your ZIP code to EnFact.
  • If you call EnFact back after missing a call, you will be required to provide your ZIP code and case number. This number will be part of the voicemail that you receive. If you do not have your case number, EnFact will ask for your full card number.
  • No account numbers or other personally identifiable information will be requested.
What kind of activity might be considered suspicious?
  • Your card was used to make a purchase out-of-state (be sure to tell us if you're traveling, so we can flag your card.)
  • Your card was used to make a transaction with a larger dollar amount, or a series of larger dollar amounts, than you typically spend.
  • Your card was used to make a purchase at a store you haven't frequented or visited in the past.
  • Your card was used out-of-state or at a retailer you don't frequent and your PIN number was entered wrong.
  • Keep in mind that you may not receive a call each time you find yourself in one of these situations. EnFact predicts the probability of fraud  by comparing current transactions to current fraud trends, and reaches out when something seems suspicious.

Contact your local branch or call customer service at 888-873-2640 if you want to enroll.

Receive text message to protect your debit card from fraud with Enfact