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Quick Tips to Avoid Text and Phone Scams

Woman holding phone on a call

Text and phone message scams are on the rise. Scammers may text or call claiming to be your bank to get your personal information and steal money.

Here are some Tips to Avoid Phone and Text Scams

  • Exercise Caution with Text Messages: If you receive a text message claiming to be Horizon Bank, do not respond or click links. We will never contact you to ask for account details. 
  • Guard your Confidential Information: Never provide your Secure Access Code, account number, or password. If you get a call asking for this info, hang up immediately. If you already provided this information, report the fraud to
  • Avoid Unsolicited Fund Transfers: Never send funds to people you don't know via wire transfer, Zelle, gift cards, or cryptocurrency. Horizon won’t ever ask for funds this way. If someone posing as a Horizon advisor asks you to wire money, report them immediately.
  • Verify Suspicious Calls: Horizon will never ask you for money or personal information over the phone. However, if someone asks for other information and you’re uncertain if they’re legitimate, tell them you need time to verify their credentials. Then, call your local Horizon branch for confirmation.
  • Protect your Online Banking: Horizon does not remotely access customers' online banking on their personal devices. If someone claiming to be from Horizon Bank asks for remote login privileges, immediately disconnect.
  • Stay Informed about your Account: Many phone scammers say there are problems with your account, deposits, or withdrawals to get private information from you. Stay informed about your account so you don’t fall for this trick. Use online banking to monitor your account frequently to ensure there is no suspicious activity. 

If you have doubts about the legitimacy of a call, disconnect and contact the Bank at an established number to confirm the caller. If funds or information have been given out, please report to Fraud via email to

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