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How EnFact Saved a College Student from Fraudulent Charges

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Horizon’s customer Grace P. was celebrating the end of her undergraduate career in Bloomington when she received a text. It said that one of her packages wasn’t going to deliver because of an unpaid invoice.

“I was out and about, I had a lot of incoming packages, and the text said it was UPS. It looked legitimate, so I paid the invoice.” But the message was a scam. The scammers used Grace’s debit card information to make more than $800 in fraudulent purchases in just an hour.

In March 2022, scammers sent 11.6 billion scam messages like the one Grace received. These messages often include a link that, if opened, can corrupt your phone and hack into account information. They might also ask for credit card information to complete a purchase.

Luckily for Grace, she had EnFact Debit Card Fraud Protection. EnFact works continuously to detect fraudulent purchases on Horizon customers’ debit cards. As a result, fraud protection saved Grace and countless other customers thousands of dollars in fraudulent charges.

“After the scammers used my card information, I got a text message from Horizon’s EnFact Service saying, ‘Did you purchase this $500 item?’ I texted back ‘No,’ and then got a message that Horizon EnFact would cancel my card.”

Horizon Bank Fraud Center called and verified Grace’s name, the last four digits of her social security number, and her case number before canceling her debit card. They then confirmed and removed any additional fraudulent invoices. She’ll have a new debit card and a clean bank account within days. 

“Horizon’s EnFact saved me $800 in fraudulent charges. Since I rarely check my bank account, it could have been thousands of dollars stolen right as I was graduating college. I’m so grateful they caught it so early.”

The great news is that your Horizon Bank debit card is automatically enrolled in EnFact, so the important thing to remember is that if you receive a notification that fraud is suspected, you should promptly respond.

Contact your local branch or call customer service at 888-873-2640 for additional questions about Horizon’s EnFact Fraud Protection.

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