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Pro Tips on Internet Safety

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Online banking is a major target of crime and fraud, and Horizon is committed to helping you bank securely by keeping you informed of the best ways to protect yourself when using the internet to view your accounts.

Here is some Sensible Advice for you as you spend more and more time on the Internet.

Pro Tip #1: Make sure your internet connection is secure, and refrain from using public computers or Wi-Fi when banking online.

Using free public Wi-Fi is associated with some risk. Thieves can easily set up fake Wi-Fi networks, and often those networks use common names like Coffee Shop Wi-Fi or Hotel Wi-Fi. You can avoid connecting to fraudulent networks by not allowing your laptop or mobile device to “connect automatically” when it finds available networks. You then self-selected a protected network manually.

When you do log on, take a close look at your web browser to make sure that “https:” appears in the address bar, and look for the padlock icon. It’s important to wait until you’re on a secure network to access bank accounts.

A great solution is to use the Horizon Bank mobile app! Your login is authenticated and banking activity is encrypted before it’s sent over a network. As a result, your information is quite secure, even if thieves are attempting to hack.

Pro Tip #2: Choose strong passwords, and change your password regularly.

If you’ve used the same password for many years, or use the same password for many financial accounts, it’s time to change that! Protect your money by changing your banking passwords often.

  • Select at least 12 characters, using a combination of letters, numbers and other symbols.
  • Use a sentence, rather than a single word.
  • Create a unique password for each financial site you use.
  • Do not save passwords to your devices

Pro Tip #3: Monitor your accounts, check your bank statement regularly and use banking notifications & alerts.

It’s good financial hygiene to take a look at your bank statement when it arrives each month. Doing so helps you spot errors and signs of fraud. In addition, you can set up customizable notifications in online banking so that you are instantly alerted via text and/or email for transaction, balances, transactions and security compromises like unknown browser logins.

To set up an alert in Online Banking, go to the Services menu. Select Alerts, then “+ New Alert”.

Also, Horizon is proactively protecting your debit card is with our EnFact Fraud Detection Program. Real time text alerts are sent to your mobile phone to prompt you to confirm or deny suspicious charges. This quick detection of unusual debit card transactions provides you with an extra layer of account security, so you can rest assured that we’ve got you covered.

Pro Tip #4: Beware of email scams.

Watch out for emails that ask you to click a suspicious link or provide personal information. The sender may claim to be someone from your bank, but it is a scheme to collect your confidential information. Remember – your financial will not send emails asking for your personal information – they already have it.

For a deeper look into Horizon’s Security Center and the tools you can use to enhance your online experience, click here. You can view our entire library of Security Advice here. For questions, please call us at 888-873-2640.

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