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Tips to Keep your Account Secure

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Horizon Bank’s online banking security continues to be our top priority. Cyber thieves are always looking for ways to gain access to other people’s accounts. Any time an event affects people around the world, such as the Coronavirus and other tragic events, web-based scams taking advantage of them are soon to follow. Here are a few things you can do to help protect your data: 

  • Avoid using common login names that have been used on other sites or are easy to guess, such as first and last name.2
  • Use unique password logins. It will provide you extra protection if your online banking password is different than your password you use for shopping sites or other personal accounts.
  • Create a complex password by using the first initial of words from a sentence that is meaningful to you. This technique is called, creating a “passphrase”. For example, if your meaningful sentence was, “I graduated from Marion Junior High in 1982,” your passphrase password might be IgfMJHi1982.
  • Horizon Bank’s online banking has multi-factor authentication providing layered protection for your data.
  • Monitor and act on alerts. Should you receive an email alert regarding attempts that have been made to log in to your account, change your login name and password and then review your accounts and bill pay activity.
  • Confirm that your address and contact numbers are correct on your accounts.
  • To do this Click on Settings> Contact Info. Make any necessary changes and click Submit.

    Horizon Bank will never contact you and ask for a PIN or your password. If you suspect that your account has been comprised, contact your local branch or call center at 888-873-2640.

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