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3 Ways Your Business Benefits from a Smart Safe

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Smart safes are secure storage devices that make cash management easier for your business. You and your employees place cash into the safe, and the machine counts and transmits the value directly to your business account.

Smart safes incorporate advanced technology to enhance security, efficiency, and accountability in retail and business management. These safes provide more than just physical protection; they also offer cash management and monitoring features. Here are three key benefits of smart safes:

  • Mitigate risk by enhancing security. Smart safes offer advanced security features that significantly reduce the risk of theft and unauthorized access. These safes employ electronic locks, biometric authentication, and tamper-evident technology to protect cash and valuables. Additionally, remote monitoring capabilities let you and your security personnel closely monitor the safe's status and receive real-time alerts in case of suspicious activity or tampering. This heightened security protects your business's assets and provides peace of mind.
  • Save money and time. Smart safes contribute to cost savings in multiple ways. First, your smart safe notifies the bank and schedules cash pickups based on inventory levels, reducing the frequency of costly armored transport services or trips to the bank. Moreover, you can easily comply with regulatory and compliance requirements by automating cash handling and maintaining detailed transaction logs, particularly in retail, which saves you costly management expenses.
  • Increase employee productivity. Smart safes reduce the need for your employees to count, handle, and deposit money at the bank, giving them more time for other duties. Smart safes can also reduce your employees’ anxiety about handling money, which gives them more capacity to focus on doing other aspects of their jobs even better.

Make Business Management Better With a Smart Safe

At Horizon Bank, our Smart Safe makes business management better – and easier – for you and your team. The reliability, risk mitigation, and reduced costs associated with smart safes make them an ideal solution for your business. Contact a Horizon Bank Business Advisor today to learn more about business solutions for your team. 

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