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Improve Deposit Availability with Lockbox Services

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Your business takes pride in keeping customers happy, yet collecting and processing your customers’ payments takes time away from providing your company’s valuable services. Get back to better business and focus on what matters most with Horizon Bank Lockbox Services

Three Reasons to Use Lockbox for Your Business

This quick and customizable service can match your business’s needs, whether you manage a medium-sized medical practice or a large utility company. Lockbox processes and deposits your business’s checks directly into your account. There’s no more running to the bank to get checks cashed. And, the true value of Lockbox comes in other forms.

Better management of receivables: Your business receives many checks and payments each month. Collecting all payments in one location allows our team to process them quickly. That gets money into your business account faster and frees your team for more important business. Imagine what you’ll save with reduced labor costs – and what revenue your team can bring in with that time!

Increased deposit security: When your business receives and processes so many checks, it can be easy for fraud, theft, or accidents to happen. Lockbox services simplify the receiving, processing, and depositing process. This reduces errors and mitigates potential fraud.

Improved deposit availability and accessibility: Because Lockbox is electronic, you get your business’s money faster. Lockbox search also lets you find checks and transactions in no time. You can even view and print checks online. Keep a clear view of how the business is doing with Lockbox search.

Lockbox is just one of many Horizon Bank security features. Talk to your business advisor today to activate Lockbox for your business. 

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