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Positive Pay: Protect Your Business Against Check and Debit Fraud

Every year, businesses of all sizes are affected by fraud, and financial losses climb into the billions. To combat such offenses, Horizon Bank offers business customers a specialized account service called Positive Pay.

It’s an easy, proactive way to protect against potential scams.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Your company issues a check.
  2. A list of your check numbers, dollar amounts, and check dates, are all uploaded via Horizon Bank’s secure Online Banking.
  3. When a recipient tries to cash/deposit a check from your business, Horizon matches that check against your uploaded list.
  4. When checks are matched, they are paid.
  5. Checks that don’t match are considered “exception items” and they submitted online for you to review.
  6. You can either approve or return the check.

Want even more protection against fraud? We’ve got it.

With Reverse Positive Pay, you will be able to review all going and incoming payments for potential fraud. You do not have to upload any check files or manually add checks. Instead, every check or ACH transaction would create an “exception”, and you have the opportunity to review them each day and indicate whether they should be paid or returned.

Here is how to get started

Implementing Positive Pay is simple, secure, and effective. This feature allows you to control your checking transactions by rejecting anything that's unauthorized or counterfeit.

Find out more here, or contact your Horizon Business Banker to get up and running with Positive Pay. As always, you can reach us at 888-873-2640.



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