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Benefits of Disbursing Payments & Payroll with ACH

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If your business is still using manual processes to make payments, it’s time to think about automating. When you do, you create efficiencies and reduce operational risks like check fraud or lost/stolen checks. Using Automated Clearing House (ACH), you can make payments quickly and maintain tighter control over cash flow.

One of the best ways to use ACH is for payroll. Although it may seem complicated at first glance, it’s actually pretty quick and easy to set up with Horizon Bank. ACH services provide automation of the process, making it electronic, and removing the process of cutting physical checks or paying in cash. Money goes straight to each employee’s personal bank account, on time, every time.

4 Reasons to Implement Direct Deposit:

  1. Save Money
    No more buying paper checks, postage or mailing envelopes! Plus, digital entry is quicker and easier for your HR/payroll team. This helps lower processing costs.
  2. Ensure Accuracy
    Minimizing the risk of errors when you import or upload the payroll file to pay your employees electronically.
  3. Pay Employees Safely
    When people don’t have to carry and deposit paper checks, the risk of loss is less. The employee’s payroll is Direct Deposited into the account they provide which reduces the delays in cashing checks, losing check or wasting time at the bank to deposit checks.
  4. Improve Employee Satisfaction
    Getting paid on time - without the need to visit a bank branch to make a deposit manually – makes for happier workers. At no cost to the employee, Direct Deposit makes it easier for them to schedule automated payments for bills, too, without worrying that they can’t get their deposit made first.

Get started now!

As much as we love to see you in the branch, we know that you have a business to run. With ACH and Direct Deposit, we can save you time and money, and eliminate visits to the bank or ATM to make deposits. Contact us today for details.

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