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Storing Your Financial Information Now Could Help Avoid Problems Later

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It is important to locate, list, and review your personal, medical, and financial documentation so that the executor of your estate will be able to administer according to your wishes in the event of your disability or death. The following is a generalized list of documents and information needed to administer an estate. Click here to download the checklist.


􀀀 Birth Certificates

􀀀 Adoption Papers

􀀀 Citizenship/Naturalization Papers

􀀀 Military Discharge Papers

􀀀 Last Will and Testament

􀀀 Trust Documents

􀀀 Burial Instructions (pre-paid services, plots, etc.)

􀀀 Safe Deposit Boxes and/or Safes (with keys and/ or combinations)

􀀀 Powers of Attorney


􀀀 Bank/Credit Union Accounts (Checking, Savings)

􀀀 Retirement Accounts

􀀀 Brokerage Accounts

􀀀 Pension System Statements

􀀀 Deferred Compensation Papers

􀀀 Credit Card Accounts

􀀀 U.S. Savings Bonds

􀀀 Money Market Accounts

􀀀 Certificates of Deposit (C Ds)

􀀀 Stock Certificates/Bonds


􀀀 Real Estate Deeds

􀀀 Mortgage Documents

􀀀 Property Tax Records

􀀀 Inventory of Assets (include appraisal)

􀀀 Vehicle Titles

􀀀 Income Tax Re turns for Several Years

􀀀 Rental/Lease Agreements

􀀀 Partnership Agreements

􀀀 Outstanding Loans (either owed to you or by you)

􀀀 Pending Legal Actions/Lawsuits


􀀀 Health Care Provider and Personal ID Number

􀀀 Organ Donor Information

􀀀 Living Will/Health Care Proxy

􀀀 Long Term Care Policy Information

􀀀 Life Insurance Policy Documents

􀀀 Veterans Administration Insurance Policy

􀀀 Mortgage Insurance Policy

􀀀 Property and Casualty Policies


􀀀 List of all online accounts – websites/passwords

Finally, take some time to plan how you will store all of these documents. Consider storing some of these documents in an off-site location, like a security deposit box, as well as digitized backup files. This ensures you have the best chance of safeguarding the information. Don’t forget to provide a list of document locations and information should to your attorney and estate executor.

Having the paperwork ready to go will keep your family safe, financially secure, and stable during difficult days.

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