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Expert Answers to FAQs About Remote Deposit Capture

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Managing your business while navigating everyday challenges can be a challenge. You need solutions that make running your business easier. Fortunately, remote deposit capture (RDC) helps increase your employees’ productivity, saves time and money, and streamlines your money management processes. But if you’re new to RDC, you likely have some questions. Below, we answered frequently asked questions about remote deposit capture.

Make Business and Money Management Easier with RDC

What is remote deposit capture?

RDC is a check-scanning process that lets you deposit business checks daily. By scanning checks electronically from work, home, or on the go, you save time, reduce paperwork, and simplify your record-keeping.

What remote deposit capture machine do I need?
If you enroll in RDC through Horizon, we’ll supply you with an RDC machine. The machine will scan your checks and send the images to Horizon. Our banking team will verify all information is present, and then the funds will post to your business account.

Is there remote deposit capture software?

RDC software is available through our online banking services. So if you prefer mobile banking, you can still enroll in mobile RDC without needing an additional device. Online banking lets you deposit checks directly to your business account by taking photos of the fronts and backs of checks using your mobile device.

How many users can be on my account?

You can authorize multiple mobile RDC users to help you manage your online business accounts. However, we only register the RDC device to one user and provide a single user ID. You can designate an employee to manage the device through that ID.

How do I view my remote deposit capture history?

You can view your deposit, transfer, and withdrawal histories in your online banking business account.

Why aren’t some deposits accepted?

Our banking team reviews each mobile or remote deposit to ensure all checks are valid and reduce the risk of fraudulent deposits. Some common reasons a deposit might not be accepted include:

  • Poor image quality, including cropped or blurry pictures
  • Missing information, such as signatures and dates
  • Unreadable information
  • Altered or suspicious information

How long should I hold checks after depositing them?

After a mobile or remote deposit, you should safely and securely store checks for at least 30 days but no more than 60.

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