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Cybersecurity has become increasingly important to business owners of all sizes, with more reliance on technology.  According to the 2013 Small Business Technology Survey, nearly one-third of all cyber attacks targeted businesses with fewer than 250 employees, the largest growth area for targeted cyber attacks in 2012. Horizon Bank wants to help protect area businesses [...]

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Even before your children can count, they already know something about money: it’s what you have to give the ice cream man to get a cone, or put in the slot to ride the rocket ship at the grocery store. So, as soon as your children begin to handle money, start teaching them how to [...]

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You’ve worked hard your whole life anticipating the day you could finally retire. Well, that day has arrived! But with it comes the realization that you’ll need to carefully manage your assets so that your retirement savings will last. Review your portfolio regularly Traditional wisdom holds that retirees should value the safety of their principal [...]

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Keeping good business records will not only help you stay in business but may also help you increase profits. Your business records let you analyze where your business is and where it’s going. They point out potential trouble spots and serve as a guide to where you want your business to be. Your ideal office [...]

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What if someone told you about an investment that has made some people millionaires overnight and has both a number of high-profile supporters and a global reach? Would you be tempted to invest? Now what if someone told you that the same investment also could lose most or all of its value almost overnight, and [...]

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Destroy All Copies of Old Wills. If you have previously executed a Will, physically destroy it. Even though our Wills technically “revoke” all of your prior wills, you should not rely on this language to revoke them. Enter Your Information and Delete Blank Lines. Enter your information and bequests into the form where you see [...]

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  If you’ve changed jobs and have a 401(k) plan with your former employer, you have some decisions to make. You can: Roll the 401(k) over into an Individual Retirement Account (IRA). Transfer it to your new employer’s 401(k) plan. Leave it where it is. Ask yourself a few questions before you decide. Do you want [...]

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We all hear advice from friends and family – the best cure for hiccups, how to make perfect hard-boiled eggs, the new movie to see this weekend. But for important decisions about retirement savings, what we “heard somewhere” might not be the best advice to follow. Even professional wisdom about retirement savings can seem contradictory. [...]

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  Deciding when to retire may not be one decision but a series of decisions and calculations. For example, you’ll need to estimate not only your anticipated expenses, but also what sources of retirement income you’ll have and how long you’ll need your retirement savings to last. You’ll need to take into account your life [...]

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Lora Maclean and her husband, Norman, took over the Valparaiso Wildbirds Unlimited franchise in 2012. “We went from feeding and watching birds in our yard, to getting binoculars so we could observe them more closely, to owning the Wildbirds Unlimited shop,” said Lora. The couple saw the longstanding business as a way to plan for [...]

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