Your Investment Portfolio During This Time


The pandemic has been challenging on some stocks, but when the current situation changes –and it will, you don’t want hastily made decisions to derail your long-term investment plan. So, what should you do right now?

Here are a few things to consider:

  1. Be disciplined in handling your investments
    Buy low, sell high. Most investors will have a targeted ratio of low-risk to high-risk investments. When stock prices drop dramatically, as they have recently, this can push your target ratio out of balance.

    While it’s never fun to see values going down, it may indeed be the right time to re-balance by actually purchasing more stocks if you can reasonably afford to do so.
  2. Don’t make emotional decisions
    It’s easy to panic in times of financial uncertainty. But unless you need money from your investment for emergency purposes, or your retirement date is drawing very near, it may be wiser to wait through the crisis. Those who have a longer time to wait will likely see their portfolio values rise again, over time.

    Remember: You only “lock in” your losses when you remove money from your accounts.
  3. Remain optimistic about economic and market recovery
    The last global recession in 2008 was deep and long. Economists don’t view our latest challenge in the same light. They system is sounder now and they believe we will have a strong rebound.
  4. Talk to an advisor
    Get in touch with a financial advisor at Horizon Bank to determine whether you need an immediate adjustment to your investments. We will take your life stage, goals, personal circumstances, and overall risk tolerance into account to help you determine the best options for your specific needs.

    Meet our Investment Team and get a conversation started today. We will be happy to help.