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Online Bill Pay

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  • Your online bill pay service will NOT be transferred to a new system.
  • You will have access to your current online bill pay system until Thursday, November 9th.
  • Any scheduled bills will continue to process out of your Wolverine Bank bill pay system up to Thursday, November 9th . Any bills scheduled to pay after this date will NOT be paid.
  • Beginning on Monday, November 13th, you will need to reenroll in Horizon's Online Bill Pay and set up automatic payments or schedule bill payments in advance avoiding the hassles of delays of writing and mailing checks.  

Important Dates!


SCHEDULED PAYMENTS.  Any payments scheduled to be paid via Wolverine Bank's online bill pay service will NOT be paid after November 9th. For example, if you have a bill scheduled to be paid on December 1, 2017 through the Wolverine's bill pay system, it will NOT be paid.

PAYMENT HISTORY.  Download and document your online bill pay history. This will be helpful as you reenroll with Horizon's Online Bill Pay service on or after Monday, November 13th. 

EBILLS: Unenroll from ebills now so that you do not miss receiving a bill during the transition. Ebills may be reestablished in the Horizon Bill Pay system.  

Frequently Asked Questions

Will my online bill pay information be converted to Horizon?

No. We are unable to convert you to Horizon's Bill Pay system. You will need to re-enroll in Horizon's system on or after November 13th. 

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How long can I access my online bill pay service with Wolverine Bank?

You will have access to Wolverine's online bill pay system through Friday, November 9th.  Any bills you have scheduled to pay through November 10th will be paid.  Any bills you have scheduled to pay beyond November 9th will not be processed. You can begin to use the new Horizon Bank bill pay service within online banking on Monday, November 13th.   

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Will my bills scheduled in Wolverine Bank's online bill pay continue to be paid?

No. Any bills you have scheduled to pay after November 10th using Wolverine Bank's online bill pay system – including future dated and recurring bills – will not be paid.

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Receive a $50 Gift when you enroll in Horizon's Online Bill Pay service. Our way of saying thank you for making the switch to Horizon's Online Bill Pay service.


*$50 will be deposited into your Horizon checking account on February 2, 2018 provided that at least two payments have been made using Horizon’s Online Bill Pay by January 31, 2018.