Why work with a financial professional?


Are you going through a major life change — or finding yourself worrying about your financial objectives?

A financial professional can help you work toward long-term goals, and give you peace of mind about your finances. People choose to work with financial professionals for a variety of reasons. You may want one if you are:

  • suddenly on your own or needing to take more responsibility for finances
  • unsure if you’re on track toward your goals
  • taking on responsibilities like the care of a child or an aging parent
  • developing an estate plan
  • facing other major life events — marriage, divorce, selling a business, changing careers, etc.
  • receiving a large windfall, such as from an inheritance

Whether you’re experiencing this type of change or not, you may be wondering what the point of a financial professional really is, though. So we’ve got the scoop.

Why work with a financial professional?

  • Financial professionals can give you confidence in your investment choices — and they use their training to not only help you meet your personal goals, but also to help you ride out periodic downturns.
  • They’ll keep an eye on the markets for you, so you don’t have to spend a lot of time and energy to keep up with what’s happening to your investments.
  • A financial professional will also watch for legislative changes that might affect you and your investment or tax strategy.
  • You’ll have a sounding board for handling all aspects of your money — including both personal and business income, as well as tax issues.
  • Your financial professional will help you manage expectations for your portfolio as well.
  • A financial professional can help coordinate various areas of your finances, and work with a variety of specialists to meet your complete needs, while you focus your time and energy on more important things.

Do I need to be wealthy to use a financial professional?

Absolutely not. Anyone can benefit from advice on how to maximize their income and reach both short- and long-term savings goals.

Looking for a financial professional?

However simple or complex your needs may be, a financial professional can offer valuable assistance so you can feel more at ease with your decisions.  If you’d like to get started, Horizon Bank can help. Reach out to us at any time or visit www.horizonbank.com/investments/financial-planning