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horizon_app_fbWhen you’re constantly on the run, you need convenient financial management capabilities. And Horizon’s mobile banking services give you all the tools you need.

Our smartphone and tablet app is designed to give you fast access to account information, allowing you to use your device’s built-in functions for a better banking experience. Horizon does not charge any fees to use the app — just make sure you’re aware of any text messaging or web access charges you might incur from your mobile carrier. 

What can you do with our app?

The Horizon mobile banking app lets you:

  • View check and deposit images
  • Make mobile check deposits
  • Access Secure Messages from the bank
  • View transactions and pay bills
  • Transfer funds
  • Explore detailed account activity
  • View balance information
  • Change your account password
  • Use GPS to access ATM/Branch location information

Be safe! Remember these tips for mobile security:


  • Lock your screen! If someone wants to steal your phone, they will. But you can inhibit or prevent identity theft with a secure code that keeps them out.
  • Use caution when you’re on a public Wi-Fi system. In coffee shops, stores, and other public locations, there is more potential for a security breach. So avoid online banking and making purchases over these networks.
  • Keep your system updated! System upgrades for phones and tablets often include patches that enhance security, so be sure to download your latest updates as soon as you can.

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