Summer Tips for Your Business


6Want to make sure 2017 continues to go smoothly for you and your business? Here are a few tips to keep your momentum going:

1) Assess your progress
Take a look at the goals you set at the beginning of the year, and measure your progress. Are you ahead of your projections? If so, consider setting even more ambitious goals for the rest of the year. Do you need to modify your strategy to get where you want to go? Consider talking with a business consultant to determine areas for continued improvement.

2) Look for efficiencies
There’s always room to work more efficiently, while generating even better work. For some, that may mean cutting costs. For others, it may mean making more time for productivity. Don’t be afraid to re-assess processes, technology, and even your customers, to determine what, or who, might be holding you back.

3) Empower your employees
As the owner of a business, you may feel compelled to do a whole lot of everything. But staying deeply entrenched in all of the day-to-day tasks can spread you too thin, and can even result in work getting backed up. Instead, take an objective look at your greatest strengths, and the things you actually enjoy doing the most. Then, step back, focus on those things — and empower your employees to do more of the things they love, too. Doing so can have great results: your burden will be lightened, your employees may be even happier, and your clients may be more satisfied, too.

4) Check in on business reviews
Online business reviews give potential new customers the insights they need, to decide whether or not they’ll use your products or services. Keep tabs on what those public reviews say — and make sure you respond professionally to any negative comments, too.

5) Network
Watch for opportunities to network, particularly this summer and fall. It’s a great time of year to host your own small events as well — inviting customers and other business owners from diverse backgrounds to visit your business for some social time.

Need a jump-start?
If you need financing for tools, equipment, or space that can help improve your business in 2017, contact Horizon Bank at 888-873-2640. Our expert advisors can help assess your goals and finances, so you can achieve them.