Stash Your Cash Somewhere Legit!


Where’s your money right now? In a nightstand drawer? Under your mattress?

If you’re stashing hard-earned cash in easy-to-find places, now is the time to get a bank account going.

Here are just a few reasons why:

1.Your money will be safer.
When your money is in a bank account, it can’t get lost or taken. What’s in your account is yours, and you can access it any time you need it.

2. You’ll learn to manage your money sooner.
Now is the time! You may be starting to pay some of your own bills: cell phone, gas, clothes, and more. A bank account lets you see where your money’s going. Just click on your bank app, and you’ll find every purchase you’ve made with a debit card, and any cash withdrawals you’ve taken out. And understanding what you’re spending is the first step to saving money you’ll need in the future.

3. You’ll be ready for more independence.
When you head off to college, you’ll be on your own. Soon, you may have rent to pay, food to buy, or car repairs to handle.

The sooner you can learn to save the money you earn, and use it responsibly, the better off you’ll be when you leave your parents’ home!


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