Spruce Up Your Home for Spring


When spring rolls around, many homeowners find themselves itching to make some upgrades around their home and yard. If you’re pondering a few changes, here are some ideas for things that can make a big difference:

• Paint!
This is one of the least expensive ways to freshen up your home, inside or out. Whether you choose a vibrant exterior look, or an earthy shade that brings some calm into your favorite room, you’ll find that a little color goes a long way to changing how you feel about your home. Spring is a great time to paint inside, when you can open windows for quicker drying times.

• Concrete repairs
After the chance of freezing, you can improve your home’s curb appeal by having concrete repairs done. This is a good time to have a professional fix up your driveway, sidewalks, and patio if you’re noticing some cracks.

• Window replacement
Good windows help keep cold air out during the winter, and they can also help keep your cool air in during the summer. Plus, updated windows can upgrade the look of your home.

• Roof repairs
If your roof is more than 15 years old, or you can see shingles beginning to lift, you may be due for some repairs, or even a full replacement. Contact a professional to get an estimate. And while you’re at it, consider changing the roof color as well for another way to freshen the your home’s look.

• Add a deck or patio
Whether you’re extending a concrete slab, upgrading to stamped concrete for an elegant appearance, or adding either a wooden or vinyl deck, you’ll enjoy your outdoor space even more than ever! Host more parties, improve your yard’s appearance, and more with this enhancement.

• Landscaping
Professional landscaping can make a big difference in your home’s appearance and value. And even more so when you combine it with deck and patio upgrades.

Need help getting started?
If you haven’t set extra money aside for home improvements, and you need to make some changes – or take on larger projects like room additions - contact us at 888-873-2640. We’ll be happy to talk with you about financing options for value-adding projects.