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Loan Accounts

Your loans were automatically changed to Horizon loans on Saturday, April 27th. There is no need for any action on your part. The rates, terms and conditions of your loan will be honored until it is paid in full. 

Account Numbers: Your loan account numbers will remain the same, and we will be able to reference your current loan number until it is paid in full.

Payment (Coupon) Books/Statements: If you currently use a coupon book or receive statements to make or verify your payments, please continue to do so.

Automatic Loan Payments: If you currently make your payments via automatic deduction from your checking or savings account, this will continue per your current schedule.

Automatic Loan Transfers: If you utilized online banking to initiate any recurring transfers such as transfers from a checking to a loan account, these will not continue automatically. You can contact us and we would be happy to assist you with reestablishing those in the new online system on or after Monday, April 29th.

Loans - Frequently Asked Questions

Will my loan payments or terms change?

The rates, terms and conditions of your loan will be honored until it is paid in full.

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Will the way I make my loan payments change?

You will continue to make your loan payments as you do today.  Come into the branch, pay by coupon book or automatic draft from a checking or savings account - any way you make these payments, please continue to do so.

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