Travel Notification

Planning to Travel? We want your next trip to be as hassle free as possible. To help prevent interrupted service with your Horizon Bank MasterCard® Debit Card, please notify us prior to your departure. Notifying us will help to ensure your Debit Card purchases are not blocked by our fraud protection service. Without notification of your travel we may block usage of your Debit Card when transactions outside your normal spending habits are identified.

Important Notice:

To notify us of your travel plans, please call us at 888-873-2640 or you may send us a secure email. The Secure Email Portal can be accessed from Be sure to include the following in your secure email: 

  • Your Name(s)
  • Horizon Debit Card Number(s)
  • Departure and Return dates
  • Destination and/or Places(s) of travel (city, state, country)
  • Phone Number (in case we need to contact you during your travel)

Please contact us if you plan to travel to internationally and will need to use your ATM card or debit card.