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Certificates of Deposits

Horizon Bank Certificates of Deposit help you reach your specific long- or short-term goals. Enjoy higher return on your savings at a lower risk.

  • Open a Certificate of Deposit with only $500
  • Earn Competitive Rates of Interest
  • Significantly Contribute to your Financial Plan


What is a Certificate of Deposit?

A Certificate of Deposit (CD) is a savings certificate that entitles you to receive interest, restricting you from withdrawing on demand without incurring a penalty.

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Why would I want a Certificate of Deposit over a less restrictive savings option?

CDs are a great way to make your wealth grow, so long as you have clear financial long- or short-term goals in mind for your money. With competitive rates of interest, you will get the most return on your money with this type of savings.

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When can I get my money out of a Certificate of Deposit?

CDs are determined by a purchase value, an interest rate, and a time term. When this time term is reached, you will be awarded the value of your CD including all interest earned.

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