Before you log in to online banking for the first time, you will need to have access to the email or phone number that you provided us for use with your online banking.

  1. Click the Online Banking Login button in the upper right hand corner of
  2. Leave the login ID and password fields blank
  3. Click the "I am a New User" link
  4. Enter your Login ID (Username), and click Submit
  5. Obtain a one-time use secure access code via the delivery method you choose, either by phone call or email, so that we can securely verify your identity to begin to use the new system
  6. Input the access code, which is good for 20 minutes from time of request
  7. Create a password for use on the new system
  8. Follow the guidelines on screen to create a secure password
  9. Update any profile information and click Submit Profile
  10. REGISTERING YOUR DEVICE.  You will be asked if you would like to “register device” or “do not register device”.  If you elect not to register your device you will be required to receive a secure access code each time you login.  We recommend only registering your private device not a public device.