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Enroll in eStatements

Horizon Bank eStatements expands the value of your Horizon Bank Online Banking experience, giving you access to additional features regarding your bank statements.

  • Receive emails notifying you when statements are ready
  • Store, view, and print electronic copies of your statements
  • Save the environment by reducing paper waste
  • Protect your identity from theft by reducing your banking paper trail

How do I setup eStatements?

Click to learn how to setup eStatements

1. In the Menu, click or tap Statements > eStatement Enrollment.

2. Choose the account you would like to change, select eStatement from the drop-down list.

3. The eStatement Delivery Agreement window appears. Review the agreement, and click I accept.

4. To change the email that receives an eStatement, click the edit icon ( ). The Select Recipient window appears. Do one of the following:
• Click the checkbox for one or more existing delivery addresses.
• Click in the address field and type a new delivery address. Click or tap Add

5. Click Save

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