Home Equity Term Loan

The Horizon Bank Home Equity Term Loan is a powerful financial tool available to you as a homeowner, turning your home equity into a resource that can give you the loan you need.

  • Borrow up to 89% of available home equity
  • Entire Loan Amount available as a Lump Sum as soon as your Loan is Granted
  • Manageable Fixed Monthly Payments
  • Competitive Fixed Interest Rate 
  • Term Loan


What is my Home Equity?

Your Home Equity is the difference between your home's value and the mortgage balance on your home. A home equity loan's credit limit is a percentage of your home's appraised value, subtracting from that value the balance owed on your existing mortgage. Your home serves as collateral against this fixed-rate, fixed-term loan.

Why would I want a Home Equity Loan?

A Home Equity Term Loan is ideal for major expenses like home additions, vacation, or debt consolidation, providing predictable monthly payments.

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