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Home Equity Loans/Lines of Credit

As a homeowner, you have a powerful financial tool at your fingertips. A tool that can help you realize your dreams today, instead of years down the road. It's your home's equity*.


Horizon Bank is your one-stop shop when it comes to home equity* loans.  From a term loan to a line of credit, we have options to best suit your needs.



Home Equity Loan

Home Equity Line of Credit

What is it?

A Home Equity Loan is a fixed-term loan in which your home serves as collateral.

A Home Equity Line of Credit is a form of revolving credit in which your home serves as collateral.


Why Choose?


For predictable repayments on major expenses such as a home addition, dream vacation, even debt consolidation, a fixed-rate, fixed-term loan is a good choice.

For long-term flexibility in borrowing and repayment, try a line of credit.  Whether working little by little on home improvements or paying college tuition bills, you can choose when and how much to borrow.

Interest Rates

Competitive rates tied to the length of your loan term.

Variable rates - as low as Prime minus 0.25% with auto debit from a Horizon Bank checking account with estatement. 


Fixed monthly payments for the term of the loan.

Variable monthly payments based upon how much of the line you use.  

Access to Funds

Entire amount given to you in a lump sum when you get your loan.

Access funds as you need them using your line of credit checks or a local Horizon office

*Home Equity is the difference between the home's value and the first mortgage balance.  The credit limit on a home equity loan is a percentage of the home's appraised value and subtracting from that the balance owed on the existing mortgage.

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