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The Horizon Bank MasterCard® Gift Card is the ultimate gift for you or your loved ones, much more flexible than a single-store gift card and significantly safer than cash. Functioning just like a credit card, you purchase the MasterCard Gift Card with a set amount. You are then able to use it for shopping at all MasterCard debit card locations.

  • Safe as a Credit Card, spend it like Cash
  • Make Purchases anywhere MasterCard is accepted
  • Purchasable at any Horizon Bank in increments from $10 to $1,000


What is as Gift Card?

The Horizon Bank gift card looks like a Credit Card, but acts like cash. Loaded with a set dollar amount, the gift card can be used for shopping at any of the millions of U.S. locations that accept MasterCard® debit cards. This card gives you access to an endless variety of products and services without being limited to a single store, a single store chain, or a single city.

How do I purchase a Gift Card?

These cards can be purchased at any Horizon bank location in increments from $10 to $1,000.

Which establishments accept Horizon Bank Gift Cards?

Horizon's prepaid GiftCards carry the internationally recognized and respected MasterCard® logo, and are accepted at millions of locations throughout the U.S. or countries considered to be U.S. territories. If you buy or receive a GiftCard, you're empowered to use it anywhere you see the MasterCard symbol.

Can I use my card in a foreign country?

No, the card will be accepted within the United States and countries considered to be U.S. territories. Current countries designated as U.S. territories are:

Puerto Rico, Northern Mariana Islands, United States Virgin Islands, Amercian Somoa and Guam

Can a GiftCard be used for online purchases?

Yes, Horizon GiftCards enable you to shop online. Sit back and relax in the company of your favorite web merchants; spend until your heart's content. Well, actually, until you reach your card limit.

Do I need a 4-digit PIN number to use my Gift Card

No, a PIN number is not required. When you make a purchase, Horizon's GiftCards are handled like any credit cards: The store clerk simply runs the card through the machine to capture the necessary account information. From there, you're on your way using your remaining GiftCard balance wherever MasterCard® cards are accepted.

Will I get cash back from any unused portion of the Gift Card?

Typically, you will not receive cash back on your purchases. Your Gift Card is a prepaid debit card. Every time you use it, the purchase amount is deducted from the available balance until that balance reaches zero. For example, if your available balance is $50 and you buy a $40 shirt, the $10 difference will remain of you card and become your new available balance.

Sometimes, in the case of returned items, a merchant may provide a cash refund.

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