Biller Direct Service in Online Banking

Biller Direct is a modern, debit card based bill pay service for consumers. This feature can be found within your online banking menu from your PC, table or mobile phone under Biller Direct.  This service does not replace our Bill Pay service, but is an additional option for users to view and manage payments made using a Horizon Bank Debit Card.

Benefits of the Service:

  • Instantly pay bills with your Debit Card, even up to your due date —  no need to wait 2-3 days for your payments to process or 5+ days for checks to be delivered
  • Easily stay on top of your bill balances and payments with quick access to bill details including Amount Due and Due Date
  • Over 4,500+ eligible billers and growing
  • Text or Email notifications for upcoming bills
  • Consolidated view to see payments made as well as upcoming payments that are connected to your Horizon Bank Debit Card

View, manage and pay your bills using Biller Direct in three easy steps!

Select a company to
connect your debit card

bill_direct screen shot to select a company to pay

Enter your account information
to verify your account.

bill_direct_screen shot to enter payee credentials

Click Setup Payments to connect
to your Debit Card. View upcoming bills.

screen shot of the calendar view of biller direct