Notify Your Bank BEFORE You Travel


No matter where you might be going, it is extremely important that if you leave town for a significant amount of time, you inform your bank.

Debit and Credit card theft used to be less complex.  A thief would steal a purse, go to a nearby store, and run up thousands of dollars in fraudulent charges.  Nowadays, thanks to the Internet, debit card and identity theft can happen anywhere.  Horizon is incredibly concerned with your financial security, so if we see mysterious charges at a location you do not normally make purchases from, we may discontinue service to your card.

This is a great thing if your information has actually been stolen.  However, if you are merely traveling with your family in an unfamiliar location, this service interruption can be a major headache.  Fortunately, it is very easy to tell us where you are going and how long you will be there. This helps us determine if a charge that looks fraudulent, such as a hotel reservation, is actually legitimate.

Additionally, any charge from a list of certain countries will trigger a shutdown of your card if we are not informed.  These countries include the Czech Republic, Russia, South Africa, Spain, Turkey, and Ukraine.  Please see our full list of travel restrictions to determine if you will be travelling in an area that may warrant a service stoppage.

To inform us of your travel plans, simply call our hotline at 888-873-2640 or email us from our securewebportal and give us the following information:

●     Your Name
●     Your Horizon Debit Card Number
●     Departure and Return Dates
●     Destination and/or Places of Travel: City, State, and Country
●     Phone Number

Whether you are going to Florida or China, it is always a good idea to let your bank know when you are traveling to prevent complications.  We want your financial information to be as secure as possible, and we want you to have a great trip.  Bon voyage!