Maximize Funding with Online Payment Processing


online_payment_portalIs your business or organization set up to collect payments and donations online? If not, it’s probably time — and Horizon Bank can help. Our online payment portal integrates directly into your website for seamless transactions, so you can collect more money, more easily.


Why is an online portal important?

Online payment portals are simply pre-programmed web tools that can be built into your existing website. Whether you’re running a for-profit business, or seeking funding for valuable projects on behalf of others, payment portals are an invaluable tool to help your business or organization thrive.

  • Convenience
    Busy people need easy ways to make transactions, and online payment portals remove barriers. Shopping online from phones and tablets has become so commonplace that many consumers will actually avoid making purchases or donations with those who don’t offer this tool. When you can shift transactions from written checks and snail mail, to a few simple clicks, collecting funds becomes much easier.
  • Security
    Most consumers understand that online transactions are highly secure, and many actually prefer making online transactions over handing their card directly to a person. 
  • Speed
    Processing is quick, so when a donation or purchase is made, you’ll receive the money right away — instead of waiting days or weeks for invoices to be paid by check.

Looking for additional options?

If you want to appeal to consumers with a preference for all things Mac, note that Apple Pay — its own, standalone payment portal — is now accepting donations to non-profit organizations as well. This means anyone with an iPhone, iPad, or other popular Mac device, can easily make donations to causes they care about.



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