Manage Subscription Services with CardSwap

August 26, 2020 03:55 PM

Now that we are spending more time at home, most of us are opting for online streaming services to watch movies or binge watch our favorite TV series. ‘Tiger King’, anyone?

Moreover, we are using web-based services like Amazon and Instacart for shopping and delivery of home goods and supplies.

All of these payments are then tied to our debit card. That’s usually a fairly seamless process, until it’s time to update the payment method if you happen to open a new bank account, if your card expires, or if your card is lost or stolen. It’s time consuming and frustrating to update all of your auto-payments one at a time!

Did you know that Horizon Bank can make payment updates easier and quicker with CardSwap?

CardSwap lets you update your favorite digital services, like Netflix, Amazon, and more*—at the same time, in the same place—saving you time and hassle. This makes it easier to replace lost cards, or to open and use new accounts.

In three easy steps, you can log into Online Banking and activate CardSwap. Simply click CardSwap from left- hand menu and:

  1. Select the accounts you use from the menu
  2. Verify your Horizon Bank card information
  3. Sign-in to those accounts to make the swap

That means less time updating, and more time streaming, watching, shopping—and doing all the things that you love. Need assistance setting this up? Visit our webpage’s chat button for online support, or call us at 888-873-2640.


*None of the listed companies are associated with, sponsor, or endorse this product.