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Lobby open

Thank you for your patience as we’ve worked together to rely on alternative ways to serve your banking needs. At this time, we are safely welcoming you into our lobbies.  As we continue to face the impact of the coronavirus together, your safety and well-being is our number one concern. The following guidelines will be in place.

Remote banking options are encouraged.  We will continue to provide and encourage alternatives to in-person banking such as online and mobile banking, bank by phone, call center, live video banking machines and ATMs. Click here to view remote banking options.

Occupancy limits will be necessary.  To ensure social distancing we will maintain occupancy limits in each building. 

In-person appointments are still preferred.  In order to abide by maximum occupancy and social distancing, we will continue to encourage scheduling of office visits for loan closings, new account openings, etc.

Practice social distancing.  We will ask visitors to maintain a minimum of 6 feet between others at all times.


Implementation of physical barriers.  Plexi-glass shields will be in use for all teller stations. These shields will also be in place for any visitor meeting areas, offices and work stations necessary to ensure safety of advisors and customers during in-person interactions. 

Reduce physical contact.  We ask that everyone refrain from handshakes and other physical contact. 

Face coverings will be required.  Signs will be posted at the entrance of all offices that require visitors to wear face coverings, be COVID-19 symptom free and practice social distancing. If a visitor is unable to meet the posted requirements, they will be asked to use other banking alternatives such as the nearest drive-up facility. If the need requires they enter the bank, a face covering will be provided where available. Customers may be asked to remove face coverings for identification purposes. 

Use hand sanitizer.  Hand sanitizers will be provided in all public areas for visitor use. Advisors are required to use hand sanitizer after every interaction with customers.

Keep high touch surfaces clean.  After every customer interaction the advisor serving the customer will disinfect hard surfaces touched during the visit after the customer leaves. This includes sanitizing all drive up canisters between each customer use. Soft surfaces will be misted with disinfectants after each visit. 

Reduce sharing of work materials.  All print materials will be removed from public areas such as magazines, deposit/withdrawal tickets and brochures, to be provided as needed. 

Eliminate shared refreshments.  Coffee, water or any other refreshments will be removed from all public areas.

Thank you again for your patience and understanding.

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