Keep Your Business Account More Secure During These Times with Positive Pay

September 23, 2020 11:41 AM

The COVID-19 pandemic is having a significant impact on every aspect of life, including how businesses are keeping themselves safe from fraud and scams. With the heightened concern about financial security, Horizon Bank is committed to keeping your business accounts secure during the pandemic by utilizing specialized account services such as Positive Pay.

Positive Pay is a service we offer our business customers which provides an easy, proactive way to fight against fraud and protect your business against potential scams.

Here’s how Positive Pay works:

  • You can enter checks that your business has issued into the Positive Pay system.
  • We’ll send you daily notifications containing that day’s “exception items” – which are items that fall outside of what you have indicated you’ve issued.
  • You simply log into your online banking to review the transactions. You will have the option to “Return” any items that were not authorized or that appear to be fraudulent.
  • You can also establish “Approved” ACH vendors and maximum amounts to ensure you have the opportunity to review any transactions falling outside those boundaries.  
  • You will pick a “Default Decision” of either pay or return, and that decision would take effect if items have not been reviewed each business day.

You should also take advantage of Reverse Positive Pay. For this program, you do not have to upload any check files or manually add checks. Instead, every check or ACH transaction would create an “exception”, and you’d have the opportunity to review them all each day and indicate whether they should be paid or returned.

How do you get started using Positive Pay? It’s easy! Simply login to Online Banking at No expensive software or hardware is required.

You can even try out our demo before you get started. Questions? Find a Horizon Business Banker near you to help.