Keep in Touch: Your Business Advisor Can Help in Difficult Times

July 21, 2020 12:07 PM

The COVID-19 pandemic is putting unique pressures on businesses of all sizes. Keeping a strong relationship with your Business Banking Advisor can help you navigate the many uncertainties.At Horizon, you’re in good hands because our business bankers are seasoned and experienced, so they understand what you might be going through.


How your Horizon Bank Business Advisor can help:

  • Get financing your business may need
    Our Business Advisors go above and beyond and stay on top of all the latest developments in federal and other aid availability. As circumstances change in the coming months, they’ll be here to help determine which opportunities are right for you and your situation, and to help you secure the funds you need.
  • Make the most of your assets
    We’ll help make your money work effectively for your business. From modified loan programs, to keeping up with ever-changing interest rates that may benefit your company, and providing ways to improve your cash flow — a good Business Advisor can help ensure that you’re using assets efficiently during financially challenging times.

Talk to your business Advisor about our many business services and products such as:

  • Stay on track toward achieving key goals
    We want to see you continue to succeed during these trying times. That said, we will not only help you set realistic goals for helping your business survive the pandemic, but will also partner with you to help manage them. That way, you can move ahead in a way that will allow your business to thrive again.  

Also, take advantage of these free outside resources such as:

Ready for help?
Our Business Advisors have your best interests in mind and are tuned into your industry and the local economy, to understand your specific competitive market and what you’re up against. They’ll help you take a proactive approach to finding sound financial solutions during this uniquely challenging time.

Horizon is committed to the local Indiana/Michigan communities we serve, and are ready do what we can to keep the local economy running.
Find a Business Advisor today.