Is a small business loan right for you?


Could a small business loan be right for you?
Horizon offers beneficial SBA loan options for Indiana and Michigan businesses.


As a small business owner, you’re always looking for sensible ways to get the funds you need for continued growth. But traditional loans aren’t always feasible.


If you need more flexibility in your loan amount and repayment options, and SBA 504 loan could be a good choice. This program combines funds from banks and non-profits working to aid local economic development.


What You Get from an SBA Loan

SBA loans offer your business long-term, fixed-rate financing with down payments as low as 10%. This gives you the advantages of conserving working capital, and maintaining predictable monthly payments with lower risk throughout the life of the loan.


SBA loans are specifically designed to foster growth. So you can use them to improve and expand your business through things like:

  • Purchasing land or existing buildings
  • Building new facilities
  • Modernizing existing facilities
  • Purchasing updated equipment


What You’ll Need


To obtain an SBA loan, you’ll first complete an SBA Loan Application. As part of the approval process, you’ll need to provide:

  1. Financial statements for the business
  2. Records relating to any subsidiaries or affiliates of your business
  3. Your business certificates and licenses
  4. Documentation of previous loan applications


Depending on your circumstances, additional items may be required.


Horizon and the SBA


Horizon Bank has made a commitment to providing SBA loans, and we have built a team with specific expertise in this unique process. As an SBA Approved Lender, we are able to expedite such loans more quickly than others — and we are eager to help you and your business grow through these financial resources.


Contact any Horizon Bank branch to discuss your needs and learn more. Our experts will be happy to assess your situation, and help you determine whether this unique loan option is the right choice for you.

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