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Special Needs Trust and Supplemental Needs Trust are ideal trust solutions if you wish to designate a chronically or severely disabled beneficiary. These trusts will work alongside government benefit programs, ensuring that your beneficiary is receiving the maximum support from these programs and from your trust.

  • Establish a Special or Supplemental Needs Trust through a family member or other individual, or even with the disabled beneficiary’s own funds
  • Ensure benefits are not lost in the overlap between government programs and a traditional trust
  • Provide additional support for your beneficiary without compromising their eligibility for government assistance

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Investment vehicles made available through Horizon Trust & Investment Management are: Not deposits or other obligations of, or guaranteed by Horizon Bank; Not insured by the FDIC; Subject to investment risks, including possible loss of principal.


For whom would I want to establish a Special Needs Trust?

Our Special Needs Trust and Supplemental Needs Trust are often established for individuals with physical or mental developmental challenges, individuals disabled due to accident, and elderly individuals.

How do Special Needs Trusts differ from your more traditional trusts?

The Horizon Bank Special Needs Trust and Supplemental Needs Trust have been designed with an understanding that your beneficiaries may have unique situations where a normal trust could compromise their ability to get the government support they need. With these trusts, we ensure that the assets provided to your beneficiaries through your trust will not prevent them from being eligible for critical benefit programs like Medicaid.

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