Estate Planning and Settlement is designed to alleviate the natural stresses that come with planning your will and executing the wishes described within. Horizon Bank advisors are uniquely trained to handle all aspects of estate administration, and are here to assist those you have placed in charge of your will. Our advisors and estate-planning services will ease the burden placed on you and your family by estate management.

  • Relieve the natural stresses you and your family would experience with estate planning and management
  • Develop a plan to accurately address all assets and other aspects of your estate
  • Provide investment management services to help your estate grow during your lifetime
  • Manage all trust accounts associated with your estate
  • Safeguard your assets from debts, taxes, improper claims and other forms of loss
  • Ensure financial stability for your estate and those named in your will

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Who are the executors of my will?

When you begin to create your will, you will not only have to think about what your wishes are for your assets, but also whom you would like to manage the execution of these desires. Usually a family member or close business associate is assigned to this task, but oftentimes the complexities of estate management can bring significant stress to those who lack experience and expertise in this area. Horizon Bank trust advisors are trained in estate administration and have the unique skills to help these loved ones with this burden.

What will my Horizon Bank advisor be able to assist the executors of my will with?

Our advisors are trained to handle the complexities of estate management. Those you name as executors will have to successfully protect the assets of your estate, determining what must be distributed to your beneficiaries or trusts, when certain assets should be sold, and what real estate and personal property values are currently appraised at. They will also have to manage payment of debts, taxes and final expenses, all while preparing to contest improper claims and collecting funds owed to your estate. Your Horizon Bank advisor will walk your representatives through every step of this difficult process, aiding them with thorough planning and sensible advice.

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