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Horizon Trust Services


Protect and maintain control over your assets so they may be safely transferred to your loved ones.

  • Living Trusts protect and maintain control over your assets so they may be safely transferred to your loved ones
  • Trust Under Will and Standby Trusts guarantee that your wishes will be carried out according to the needs of your beneficiaries
  • Charitable Trusts effectively safeguard your assets for personal causes that matter to you 
  • Insurance Trusts transform your life insurance benefits into a trust to create tax advantages and special asset protection for your beneficiaries  
  • Special Needs Trusts ensure that your chronically or severely disabled beneficiaries are provided for
  • Spendthrift Trusts guarantee that your estate is managed effectively and your will is executed properly

estate planning 

Alleviate the natural stresses that come with planning and executing your will with the aid and sensible advice of a Horizon Bank advisor.

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  • Develop Your Will and Execution Strategy
  • Investment Management Services for Estate Growth
  • Safeguard Assets From Debts, Taxes and Other Loss

like-kind forward exchange

Enable Horizon Bank to act as your Qualified Intermediary while conducting a real property exchange.

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  • Engage in a 1031 Like-Kind Forward Exchange
  • Receive Tax-Deferred Treatments on New Real Property
  • Hold Relinquished Property for up to 180 Days

Investment vehicles made available through Horizon Trust & Investment Management are: Not deposits or other obligations of, or guaranteed by Horizon Bank; Not insured by the FDIC; Subject to investment risks, including possible loss of principal.

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