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A Living Trust is created to help you protect and maintain control over your assets so that they may be safely transferred to your heirs. With a Living Trust, you will be able to serve as a trustee until you appoint another, allowing you to develop and manage your estate plan until you decide to relinquish control.

  • Eliminates the potential for court control of trust assets in the event of incapacitation, death, or management falling to a minor 
  • Significant privacy while reducing estate taxes
  • Allows your assets to avoid probate and subsequent fees when you die, making it easier for beneficiaries to receive distributions
  • Eliminates the need for multiple probates if you own assets in more than one state 
  • Provides quicker and more orderly distribution of assets to beneficiaries at death
  • Prevents joint ownership issues and allows assets to remain locked in trust until beneficiaries reach a specific age
  • Can protect and provide for dependents with special needs 
  • Can be changed or revoked at any time until incapacity or death 
  • Brings all your assets together under one plan 
  • Allows for professional asset management if you choose a corporate successor trustee such as Horizon Bank

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What type of assets can a Living Trust hold?

A Living Trust will allow you to secure and manage a variety of assets, such as collectibles, your investment portfolio, or even a closely held business.

How much control do I have over my Living Trust?

You as the trustee will be able to control your estate planning until you have directly appointed a new trustee, or if you are no longer able to manage your estate through incapacitation or death. At that point, your trustee will gain full control over the administration of trust assets.

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