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Wealth Creation

Horizon Bank’s professional financial planning advisors understand that when it comes to wealth creation, it can be difficult to keep track of all your sources of revenue and manage your money effectively to hit your short- and long-term financial goals. To make wealth creation a smoother process for you and your family, we will assist you at no cost in developing a financial plan that is custom-tailored to your situation and needs.

  • Free Planning Session With Our Expert Advisors
  • Develop A Values-Based, Multi-Generational Financial Plan
  • Analyze Your Entire Financial Picture For Missed Resources And Opportunities
  • Benefit From Sensible Advice From Financial Advisors, Legal Counsel, And Tax Accountants Of Your Choosing
  • Ensure That Your Goals And Dreams For You And Your Children Will Be Reached
  • Reassure You And Your Family That Your Financial Future Is In Good Hands

Stop by your local Horizon Bank or call us toll-free on 888-873-2640 to begin creating your own personal financial plan.


What can I expect out of my initial consultation meeting?

Your completely free financial planning meeting is designed to help us assess your personal goals for you and your family, working towards the creation of a financial plan that meets those objectives. Over the course of the development of your all-encompassing financial plan, we will work with legal counsel and tax accountants to discovery every opportunity available to you to expand your wealth, while minimizing risk so that you are able to provide for generations to come.


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What questions should I be prepared to answer about my financial situation?

The goal of our initial consultation meeting will be to understand your current financial situation and financial aspirations, so that we are able to determine the best wealth creation strategy to help you reach your goals. Some questions we might ask are:

  • What is the current state of your existing financial preparations for retirement?
  • How does your investment portfolio currently address your needs, and does it provide the growth opportunities you are looking for while minimizing risk?
  • What special assets are available to you that we can manage and leverage for maximum long-term financial benefit?

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