IMAGINE a view of the future.


financial_planning_big_picture_fbYou probably have big dreams for your future. From starting your own business, to traveling during retirement, or buying your first home, those dreams inevitably cost money. To achieve your goals, you need to plan ahead — and a professional financial planner can be a great resource for help.


The benefits of creating a financial plan
A good financial plan can help you:

  • Understand what it takes to reach your goals
  • Balance various financial priorities, and understand how saving for one goal might affect another
  • Implement specific strategies based on your unique circumstances
  • Select the best financial investments for you
  • Have confidence in how you’re using your money


The financial planning process

Working with an expert financial planner, you will:


  • Review your current income, assets, liabilities, insurance coverage, investments, tax concerns, and more to fully understand your financial situation
  • Set financial goals, and create timeframes for achieving them so that you can understand your priorities
  • Put strategies in place to address any weaknesses and build on areas of strength
  • Choose specific financial products and services based on your objectives*
  • Monitor your plan, and make adjustments over time as needed.

While your financial planner plays an integral role in this process, overseeing the complete plan, he or she may turn to other resources with expertise in specific areas as well. For instance, you may also meet with:


  • Accountants or tax attorneys
  • Estate planning attorneys
  • Insurance professionals
  • Investment advisors


Your needs and objectives will drive the team — and once you've carefully considered their recommendations, you make the final decision on how to proceed in each area.


Staying on track

Once your plan has been created, you should review it at least once a year to keep it current. Economic conditions, job circumstances, family additions, modified tax laws, and more, may all affect your financial priorities.

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*Working with a financial professional does not guarantee improved investment results.