IMAGINE a business loan that grows with you


As a business owner, you have unique financial needs. It’s a tall order to find funding sources that offer the amount you need, on the terms you need it, and with payment flexibility that accommodates your business model.


Whether you’re just getting your business started, or working to maintain a steady cash flow, you may not always know where to start.


What are the options?

Explore our business loan options and get the loan you need to meet the demands of your business.


Term Loans
These loans allow you to maintain a consistent payment and rate for the entire loan period. So you can manage your budget more easily. A term loan is a good option when you’re investing in long-term capital purchases or making acquisitions.

Lines of Credit
A line of credit allows you to access funds whenever you need them — and there are multiple repayment options available so you can find one that’s right for you. Lines of credit are beneficial for meeting short-term needs.

Business Mortgages

Mortgages offer a variety of flexible term loans and lines of credit, at a competitive interest rate to help you save over time. Commercial mortgages can be used to help expand your facilities, purchase new space, and more.


Why Horizon Bank?

Horizon Bank has been serving businesses of all sizes — from small “mom and pop shops” to multi-million-dollar corporations — for decades. Our sustained presence within the local communities we serve, allows us to fully understand the economic climate in which you’re working.


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