How to Save as You Prep for Another School Year


It’s that time of year again: Stores are loading up their back-to-school shelves, and reminding you of all the things your kids need. It’s an easy time to blow your spending budget – but rest assured, a little extra planning can help you save big.

Here are a few ideas to help you keep your budget intact, while still making sure kids have what they really need:

1) Wait on clothes shopping
The seasons don’t change with the school year. Chances are, it’s going to stay hot for a few more weeks. So keep your kids in the clothes they’re wearing now – as long as they’re classroom-appropriate – and head out for fall clothes later. Prices are highest during back-to-school season, so a little patience will get you much better deals.

2) Make a list, and check it twice!
Walking into a mall or office supply store without a plan is a quick way to go overboard. Check your home inventory for pencils, working calculators, markers, crayons, and other supplies so you don’t buy more of items that you already have on hand. And of course, go through your kids’ clothes as well to be sure you know what still fits, and what doesn’t. You may find your kids don’t need nearly as much as you thought they would.

3) Use coupons
Watch for store-specific coupons that can help you save on the things you need most. Keep an eye on their expiration dates, though. You may need to make some purchases sooner than you might otherwise, to get it on the best deals.

4) Buy in bulk
No doubt about it, your kids will need lots of certain items. Depending on their ages, that may mean paper, notebooks, pens, and/or craft supplies. To save on these necessities, it may be cheaper to stock up on large supplies – and big warehouse stores are a great place to look. Bonus: You won’t have to rush to the store every time your child realizes he or she has run out of something. And that could save you on even more impulse purchases over time, too.

5) Check out other deals for college students
If your student is college-aged, check out special deals that are sometimes offered for them. College bookstores, for instance, usually offer software for very little cost. And computer companies themselves, from Apple to Dell and Lenovo, tend to provide laptops and tablets at special pricing for these students.

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